About Me

My background

I was born in Ambala and grew up all over the country as my Dad, Col.V.S.Ranganathan (Retd.) was in the Army. My Mom, Prabha, is a home maker and an excellent cook. Six schools later, I completed my schooling in Loreto Convent, and a Baccalaureate from Avadh Girls’ Degree College, both in Lucknow. I have achieved my life goals of building a dream house, having a baby girl, and writing. Now I enjoy pottering around my home and garden with my human and feline babies in Bangalore.

My writing roots

I have wanted to be a writer since I was ten years old. Over the years, I started many stories and books and have just completed a fiction novel. In College, I was the Literary Club President and Newsletter Editor. My over three decade career has been in the communications space. I started writing bedtime stories for my daughter starting with how I brought my first cat, Mia, home. I worked with Piyali Barua, a fabulous artist who wanted to illustrate children’s books and also loves cats, to create a children’s book. I published “Mia finds a home!”, under the pen name Sandy.

My style

I like to write in a direct, descriptive and conversational style. I am fascinated by people and what makes them tick. My all-time favourite author is P.G.Wodehouse. His mastery of words, the genre of absolutely nonsensical humour, and his unforgettable characters and scenes never fail to uplift my mood even when I just glance at one of his books. What power. Some of my schoolgirl writing - satires of teachers and a play actually featuring a butler - were influenced by him, but I've found my own voice now. I let the story do the talking.